Sex dating in midhurst sussex

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Sex dating in midhurst sussex

This "royal pallium was beautifully ornamented with gold and very costly gems, and three hundred amulets suitably fabricated of gold and silver, many of which were attached to chains of those metals, and contained innumerable relics of the saints;" and he also gave "a feretory in the form of an altar, in which likewise were many relics, and upon which, in his expedition, mass had been accustomed to be celebrated."—Battel Abbey Chronicle. Lower (the translator of the Chronicle) "must have been the same with those which William had, in 1065, surreptitiously introduced under the portable altar upon which he had compelled Harold to take a solemn oath to assist him in his designs upon England.

In the Bayeux Tapestry, where the scene is represented, Harold is placing his right hand upon an altar in form of a feretory." But these precious bequests were not suffered to remain untouched for more than ten years from the date of the Conqueror's death.

From being a resident at Battle Abbey, and entertaining a higher opinion than is expressed by many of my contemporaries for "the scum of Bretons and rags of France" that conquered and colonised England, I have felt an interest in the subject, and a desire to do my best, at all events, towards elucidating it.

LONDON: PRINTED BY WILLIAM CLOWES AND SONS, LIMITED, STAMFORD STREET AND CHARING CROSS. My only excuse for attempting it is that it has in reality been unattempted hitherto, as Sir Bernard Burke, in his commentary on Holinshed's list, has only dealt with two hundred and nine of the best-known names, passing over the remaining four hundred and twenty without notice, and Sir Egerton Brydges' brief and peremptory annotations were evidently made in haste, and refer to an imperfect copy.

The three precious memorials of the Conquest, the King's sword, his despoiled pallium, and the Roll of Battle Abbey, were then, with several other curious and interesting relics of the former monastery, removed to Cowdray, and perished in the great fire of 1793 (see Browne).

Like many of the other familiar credences of our forefathers it has fallen into disgrace and suffered obloquy.

Sir Egerton Brydges, in the Censura Literaria, calls it "a disgusting forgery:" Mr.

As far as we are enabled to judge, these maltreated patronymics are not found on our Roll.

The second list—an additional one furnished by Leland—is entitled 'Un role de ceux queux veignont in Angleterre ovesque roy William le Conquerour:' and gives fifty-eight names, declaring "Tous ycels seigners desus nome estoient a la retenaunce Monseir de Moion." This (as has been shown by Mr.

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But I have found the pursuit of truth a path bristling with thorns, and beset with pitfalls.

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