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Discover the latest trends in high-calibre special shows (presentations), award ceremonies, lectures and events featuring industry experts and famous designers.Ambiente is also an important hub for special-interest themes such as Contract Business, Ho Re Ca and Ethical Style, as well as being the largest sourcing platform outside Asia for high-volume business.I will follow this up with KLM when I go home from my holiday.

Jeśli chodzi o lot powrotny na trasie Frankfurt nad Menem — Gdańsk Rębiechowo, dzień, kiedy można znaleźć najlepsze oferty to środa, a najdroższe — poniedziałek. This meant we were over 2 hours late into Istanbul. I then missed my next flight in Istanbul and had to purchase another ticket.

Slight delay this time (compared to the first leg of my trip couple of weeks ago with 3h delay and missed connections) That was the most comfortable flight I have ever had. Without any explanation the plane I was due to go to Istanbul on at 11.30 was not available.

I had to wait for a small plane coming from Edinburgh then wait for it to be emptied of passengers and cleaned.

Niektórzy przewoźnicy pobierają dodatkowe opłaty za nadmiarowy bagaż rejestrowany.

Prosimy o sprawdzenie tych opłat na stronach przewoźników.

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No objections to secondary clearance, but procedure a joke. Half hour wait, and you could have left your carry on with somebody else, get cleared by machine, pick up your bag again and get on board. I will follow this up with KLM when I go home from my holiday. Your boarding pass printing fees and very early check in fees are very silly. I didn't like the fact that in Frankfurt the connection flight was from the other side of the airport.

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