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Access update query not updating

Don't choose a table or query for the form's data - this is going to be an "unbound" form, one that isn't linked to a data source.

If you chose to type out your list instead, change the Row Source Type to Value List then, in Row Source, type the items you want to see in your list, separated by semicolons (;). "Birmingham"; "London"; "Manchester"; "New York"; "Paris" The are several more properties that you can change if you wish.TIP: It can be really fiddly moving and resizing those labels and controls with the mouse. Select the object then, on the keyboard, use [Control] [Arrow] to move or [Shift] [Arrow] to re-size.The up, down, left and right arrow keys all do different things so experiment! The term unbound indicates that it is not connected to any field.You can resize or move the control (an object on a form such as a combo box is called a "control") or its label by dragging the black dots that appear around the edge of the object when it is selected.Watch the cursor to see what will happen when you drag it...

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The title "Enter Parameter Value" is guaranteed to frighten the life out of a new user!

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